July Conferences 2018

July has been a busy month, with conferences and workshops around the world. First off was Nanotexnology in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I presented some recent work on ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy. Next was a trip to Changchun, China for an international trilateral meeting between Hong Kong Baptist University, the Centre for Plastic Electronics and the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. Also visited some laboratories (including a State Key Laboratory). Finished the trip with a few days in Shanghai. Next up was the Gordon Conference on Solid State Chemistry, held at Colby-Sawyer College, New Hampshire, USA. I presented a poster here on iridium oxide, and thoroughly enjoyed the stimulating discussions – photo is me with Brent Melot, Christina Birkel and Gregor Kieslich. The last conference of the month was in Barcelona, Spain and was the Gordon Conference on Green Chemistry. I gave a talk at this conference on the problems and opportunities of recycling lead-acid batteries (a RELAB-based talk).

New Paper!

Recent XPS measurements performed by Gwilherm and Anna on the double perovskite GdBaCo2O6 has been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. This work was led by Stevin Pramana, now at the University of Newcastle. The EPSRC funded project, in collaboration with colleagues Stephen Skinner, Ainara Aguadero, Mary Ryan, Chris Nicklin (Diamond Light Source) and John Kilner focuses on trying to control of structure, strain and chemistry to design better fuel cell interfaces. A link to the paper can be found HERE.

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July 2017: Japan

This month I travelled to Japan for the first time, and it was a fantastic experience. I was away for one week, flying into Tokyo, before travelling to Fukuoka to give a seminar at Kyushu University. I then travelled to Hiroshima for a conference on strong correlations and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (CORPES17). I thoroughly recommend visiting Hiroshima, I was fortunate to be accompanied by Ivana and Jun from the APE Beamline, Elettra Sincrotrone, who kindly fed me Fugu. A weekend in Tokyo rounded off a very satisfying week. Until next time. David