Welcome to the Solid State Electronic Structure Group, led by Prof. David Payne in the Department of Materials, Imperial College London. In the menu above you can find information relating to the many different aspects of the research that is performed in the group.

What do we do?

We focus on materials discovery through synthesis, and are starting to explore the opportunities that machine-learning for new materials discovery can offer (see here for more information). We are principally interested in oxides, although will explore interesting physics and chemistry in any material, including biologically relevant systems.

How can you get involved?

We are always looking for enthusiastic scientists and engineers to join our group, and I am always delighted to hear from undergraduate students, post-graduates, post-doctoral research associates and visiting researchers about any opportunities to join us in discovering new materials and pushing the capability of our characterization techniques. Please see the “Join Us” section in the menu above, or email me directly.

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